Allen Gardens, Toronto

A few months back when it was still pretty darn cold out, and we needed a bit of a spring time pick me up, the hubby and I went to the Allen Gardens, in downtown Toronto.  It’s a great free activity to do, and you can spend a lot of time just wandering around, enjoying the flowers, ponds, and turtles.  Here are some of the photos that came out of the day.


Longing for Ireland

A few years back, my husband and I traveled through Ireland for about 2 weeks.  We fell in love with it, and have been longing to go back ever since.  We have traveled to quite a few places together, but this is the trip we reminisce over the most often.  It’s not hard to see from this very small selection of photos I took on that trip why.  When they say it’s the Emerald Isle, they aren’t kidding.  I never saw such shades of green before; and yes, if your hair tends to be on the wavy side, don’t bother trying to tame it, the rain and moisture that makes this place gorgeous will wreak havoc on you!

But it’s worth it to see a country filled with more beautiful landscapes than you can imagine, friendly people everywhere you go, and great beer and awesome food.  And yes, those of you with an Irish background who are shocked when I say the food is great – it is.  mmmm Boxties… so good!

The Wonderful People at Subaru Hamilton

Well, well… two posts in a week?! Whaaaaaat?!  Oh yeah, back on top 🙂

In my last post I told you all about my photo shoot with Democracy Coffee House.  Shortly after that project, I had the opportunity to work with the fine people at Subaru Hamilton.  The General Manager, Todd, explained that he wanted photos of his staff for their website, along with a group photo and a Facebook Timeline Photo.

It’s actually quite amazing how many people it takes to efficiently run a great dealership, and this required a couple trips up to the dealership to get everyone’s photos done.  But I didn’t mind at all – they did help me pick out my Crosstrek after all!

Many people hate getting their photos taken – it can feel uncomfortable and awkward, and you may not feel confident in how photogenic you are.  But regardless of what the staff may think, they all looked fabulous, and did a great job posing for the camera.

Democracy Coffee House Photo Shoot

Hi all!

So, it’s been almost a year since I posted, and I feel horrible for that, but I have a great excuse.  An excuse that we all have, I’m sure – I was busy! Very busy! Doing a full time day job, and two others on the side.  Of course, photography is one of those side jobs, and I’ve been working away diligently at that.  So diligently, I’ve forgotten to write about it.

Waayyy back in December (yup, I’m making you relive those cold, dark, dreary days), I got the opportunity to do a project with a great coffee shop in Hamilton.  Democracy Coffee Shop is this great little place on Locke Street, that offers quite a variety of fare, and caters to vegans and even accommodates their meat loving friends (although, as a meat eater, I must say I love their vegan food, so yummy!).  They were launching a new menu, so I came in to do photos of the menu launch, then returned another time, to take photos of the actual products.

It was so much fun to do a project with a local small business, and have the opportunity to shoot two very different events for them.  Without further ado, here are some of the photos that I took from both the menu launch, as well as the product shoot!

Visiting a Car Grave

A couple weekends ago, I dragged a friend with me to an “auto yard” – I put that in quotes, as it really was more of a car graveyard than an auto wrecking yard.  Yes, they had the compactor on site, but most cars were parked what seemed to be haphazardly throughout the property, creating a maze of pathways to wander through.  The farther into the back of the property you went, the older the cars became, creating an eerily beautiful museum of cars – old and new.  It was an interesting evening, and I can’t wait to go back and visit once more.

This is a very small collection of what I had come across there.

Photo Shoot Test

Well hello, there.  It’s been a while – again! Okay, so let’s just go with the assumption that I’m not a regular blogger, and that when things get posted, they get posted.  Life is amazingly busy right now – but I’m loving it this way.  Can’t ever say I’m bored!

I was out with the hubby a couple weekends ago, checking out a potential site for a photo shoot – Mountsberg Conservation Area.  If you’ve never been, you should, very pretty. Hiking trails, a blind you can watch osprey build a nest from, barn animals… it’s got it all.  They have these goats and sheep there, very friendly, especially if you bride them with the sweet grass on the other side of the fence.  A bunch of (obviously) city boys were there, and one pointed to a lamb, and shouted, “Look, a little llama!”.  Wow, perhaps its time for a little more barnyard animal education…

I got a goat goofing around, and thought I’d share that photo – it just epitomizes what I surmise a goat is always thinking about us!


MY365: A Personal Project for 2014

At the end of 2013, I decided that I wanted to do my own 365 project.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this, it is quite simple.  I must take a photo every day of the year, for 365 days.  They could be photos of anything, just as long as it chronicles a part of my day.  I can use either my phone, or camera, but at least one has to be used every day.  Amazingly, this is the one thing I’ve been able to keep up with even while ill, as my cell phone or camera were never that far away.  Subjects to shoot have been challenging, as I didn’t want to have three weeks straight of photos of my cats and bird (since I did spend three weeks in bed, with them by my side).

I have loved what I’ve done so far, and I’m finding it both challenging and rewarding, and it has really pushed my boundaries as to what I envision photographing every day.  Are there quite a few of my animals – of course.  But it does get less as the weeks go by.  So, what I hope is at the end of every week, I will have a wrap up, which I will share here.  But to catch up, I’ll be posting all of January, February, and the first half of March on their own posts, just so I don’t have a ton of new posts coming in one week.

So, without any further ado, here is January!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Missing: Photographer Running This Blog… No Wait, Here I Am!

I think I’ve done this a few times – go missing for a while, and then pop up randomly here and there.  Well, I have a great reason this time.  Far better than just being busy and losing tracking of time – I’ve been sick since Christmas of 2013.  With several different ailments – one of which knocked me down for three weeks, causing me to take time off work in order to get better.

But now that I’m starting to FINALLY feel better, I’m slowly getting back to my old routines, one of which posting here.  In my last post, I mentioned that I’m starting up a photography company – Blue House Studio.  I’m so very excited about this, and can’t wait to share the website, business cards, branding, etc.  Almost there, but taking a little longer than expected, due to the knocking down for three weeks I took.

However, I have had a chance to take some photos of absolutely adorable little house guests we currently have – another foster mom with her kittens.  Six of them! Needless to say, mum is tired, and takes any break we give her to relax on her own.  Literally takes a break.  I mean, when I’m in the room, she walks away from her babies while I entertain them, and lays in another corner of the room, just stretched out, eyes closed, enjoying the lack of kittens mauling her every chance they get.  In case you weren’t around for a previous post, I volunteer for the Burlington Humane Society, and got to foster a mom, Amber, and her two kittens last fall.

So, to end off my long absence, and much awaited return (okay, I may be the only one that it was long awaited for!), here are some photos of the new family. Oh yeah! You’ll notice a new copyright on my images – a little sneak preview at my new company, the logo as the copyright.   I’m jumping for joy at this one 🙂


Latest Photo Shoot & Big News For Me!

Happy 2014!

Okay, so I know I’m about 14 days late on this one, but I’m here, and that’s what matters, right?!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and your swing back into all life has to offer isn’t too rough.

We had an interesting end to 2013 and beginning of 2014, which posed some challenges, but fun at the same time.  I did get the opportunity to do another very fun photo shoot, which I will share in a moment, but first my big news …….(insert drum roll here)…….. I’m almost set to launch my new company, Blue House Studio! (cheers and applause in the background of course)

I’ve been hard at work over the last year building up a portfolio of images to use for my new photography company, and in the process I’ve had lots of cool opportunities to do some fun work.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer on my name, logo, brand, etc.  In the next few weeks I’ll be unveiling all of that, but I just wanted to share this news, as I’m incredibly excited about this!  I’m loving the journey I’ve been on so far with my photography, and I can’t wait to see where this next part takes me.  So, stayed tuned to see a re-brand of this blog, a new website, and of course, the launch of all else that goes with starting a business.

Okay, now for the photo shoot.  As I said, I’ve had some great opportunities for fun and unique shooting sessions.  The latest one wasn’t so much a session, as an event I was invited to photograph.  A co-worker of mine is a trainer for a local hockey team – don’t ask what level they are at, I have no idea (I’m not good at all with sports leagues), but I believe they are Junior B (I’m sure if I’m wrong, I’ll get a comment to this correcting me – and thanks in advance if you do correct me).  The Brantford 99ers have only been a team for two seasons now, but man was it an entertaining game.  They move fast, and you can see they are in it for the love of the game.  I hate watching sports, and only will when it’s live, and seeing a group of individuals who are passionate about the game just makes it that much better.  And you can’t get a cheaper night of entertainment.  $10/person to get in, and concession for us both (pop and popcorn) was under $10 – if your looking for a fun night, I highly recommend it.

But I digress, on to the photos!  Here are only a smattering of the photos I took – I ended up with two cards worth!  This is a great arena to photograph in. Although there are some challenges with lighting, it’s a smaller arena, so not as problematic as a Copps Colliseum in Hamilton would pose.  And because of it’s set up, I was able to walk all around the rink, on two levels, and get a variety of angles.  This is the first sports photography I’ve done, and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Hope I get to shoot them again 🙂

Photo Shoot – The Kaye Family

I had the great opportunity to shoot some family photos for a cousin of mine.  She and her family are great to work with – they love to have fun, tease each other, and well, try out pretty much anything I asked them to do.  Unfortunately, the day we chose to shoot turned out to be colder than any other day that week (go figure!) so we were rushed to get the outdoor portion of the shoot done.  We went back to their place after to do some lifestyle shots of the family hanging out and having fun.  Here are just a few of the photos I took that day.  Can’t wait to shoot them again!