Missing: Photographer Running This Blog… No Wait, Here I Am!

I think I’ve done this a few times – go missing for a while, and then pop up randomly here and there.  Well, I have a great reason this time.  Far better than just being busy and losing tracking of time – I’ve been sick since Christmas of 2013.  With several different ailments – one of which knocked me down for three weeks, causing me to take time off work in order to get better.

But now that I’m starting to FINALLY feel better, I’m slowly getting back to my old routines, one of which posting here.  In my last post, I mentioned that I’m starting up a photography company – Blue House Studio.  I’m so very excited about this, and can’t wait to share the website, business cards, branding, etc.  Almost there, but taking a little longer than expected, due to the knocking down for three weeks I took.

However, I have had a chance to take some photos of absolutely adorable little house guests we currently have – another foster mom with her kittens.  Six of them! Needless to say, mum is tired, and takes any break we give her to relax on her own.  Literally takes a break.  I mean, when I’m in the room, she walks away from her babies while I entertain them, and lays in another corner of the room, just stretched out, eyes closed, enjoying the lack of kittens mauling her every chance they get.  In case you weren’t around for a previous post, I volunteer for the Burlington Humane Society, and got to foster a mom, Amber, and her two kittens last fall.

So, to end off my long absence, and much awaited return (okay, I may be the only one that it was long awaited for!), here are some photos of the new family. Oh yeah! You’ll notice a new copyright on my images – a little sneak preview at my new company, the logo as the copyright.   I’m jumping for joy at this one 🙂



Fostering a Pregnant Cat

This last week, we have been fostering a pregnant cat from the Burlington Humane Society (BHS).  I volunteer there, and a plea went out looking for someone to take this mum in.  Our honoured guest is Amber, a gorgeous Calico (I have a thing for Calicos), and on Saturday she gave birth to two adorable little kittens.  It was very exciting – my first time as ‘midwive’ to a cat birth… okay any birth, really.  I was able to take the camera in today, and get some photos, but they squirm so much that I only got one really nice one of the second kitten.  Look at that adorable dark patch on his tiny little nose – I hope he doesn’t lose that 🙂

And of course, one of Amber, the gorgeous mum.  They’ll all be going back to the BHS soon enough, and will be excited to find their new homes.  Amber is the most affectionate cat, and has been very trusting of us from the get go, which is wonderful because I have been able to experience this whole thing with her!