Happy Blogiversary!

Well, this month marked the one year anniversary of my blog.  I think my first year went okay.  Yes, just okay.  I could have blogged much more, posted much more, and just did more photography in general over the last year.  So, that’s my goal for this year, more shooting and more blogging.  Looking back, I didn’t even blog once a week, so that’s my goal this year – at least one blog a week, showing something new that I’ve photographed.

So, here goes!  Since I started off this whole adventure with a photo of one of my pets, I thought I’d celebrate the one year of this little blog with photos of my pets again.  I was working from home the other day, on account of the big storm that we got – I mean the tons of rain we got (sometimes the news makes a big deal of nothing…).  Sometime in the afternoon, Ritchie the cat and Taz the bird ended up in the office with me, and the sun started breaking through the clouds, shining into the room.  So I took this opportunity to take some photos of them.  Here are some of my faves!


People seem to enjoy this photo…

I have two cats, Ritchie and Cleo.  Ritchie is also dubbed “Ritchie Rich”, as he struggled to survive for the first week we had brought him home from the shelter.  Thank God for complimentary pet insurance!  But, he’s gone on to thrive and to be, well, a lazy house cat.  He was sunning himself one day, when I grabbed the camera, and shot this photo.  He enjoys laying upside down, staring out at the world from his perch in front of our living room window.

I’m hoping to get photos of Cleo, as well as my parrots soon as well, so keep posted!