Spring in the new House

Since we moved in August of last year, I missed all the wonder that comes with spring.  You know – seeing the first flowers to bloom, the birds finding material to make their nests, everything something fresh again.  I love getting out there every year, and seeing what is popping up.  I had these beautiful tulips I planted in the front of the old house, and looked forward to seeing them every spring:



So, needless to say I was very excited at going outside every day since the first day of spring at our new place, just to see what would be showing up for me to enjoy.  I’d step out my front door, look at my neighbours with their daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinth, and crocuses, and quickly run around the bushes that frame our walkway, joyfully gazing upon… dirt! What the heck?! There are no flowers of any kind!  I have two leaves from two tulip plants, so I’m still keeping fingers crossed that I’ll have at least two tulips.  But who doesn’t plant spring flowers?! Explains the large expanse of grass – no, field – in our backyard, and nothing else there either.  The positive out of my disappointing spring? I get to plant bulbs this fall, and look forward to an awesome spring next year!

I got around last night to cleaning the evergreen branches out of the planters, which was my winter decor (should’ve taken photos first, duh!).  In the process, I came across a little snail, so of course I took advantage of the little light I had left, and ran to get my camera.  Here are merely a couple of the ones I took (I think I ended up with close to 200, the downside to burst mode on the camera – a dozen of the exact same photo), along with a photo of the neighbours crocuses.  At least I got to revel in a little bit of spring!


Easter Weekend

My husband and I got the chance to enjoy an extended long Easter weekend.  We both had four days off, and we took advantage of that!  We lazed around for most of Good Friday, and joined my parents and sister for dinner in the evening.  As my mom, my sister, and I dyed Easter eggs, my father and husband were busy trying out some wine that my dad had just bought.  All in all, a fun night.

We hosted Easter lunch – we normally do as we always make the rounds for Christmas Day, so its only fair that everyone comes to us, right?!  I spent the entire morning, until mid afternoon, standing in the kitchen, prepping and cooking.  We both come from European families, where our moms have been cooking meals for years for large amounts of people, so I took great pride in having lunch ready to go when everyone got there, which was a surprise for everyone indeed (I won’t mention the first year I hosted and we had to wait an extra two hours for the chicken to finish cooking, due to a lack of ability to time things right…).

Today, we went fabric shopping – I got a new sewing machine, and I’m now sewing obsessed! – then visited with my grandmothers.  All in all, a great weekend!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend as well 🙂

Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens is this wonderful little park, right on Lake Ontario in Oakville, that also houses an art gallery.  Here are some photos I took there, way back in 2005.  This would be around the time that I first started getting into photography, so hopefully they are worthy shots!

Tulips are my favourite flower – so many different types and colours, you can always find something new to surprise you!

Swans are such graceful animals, and I find them so peaceful…. perhaps not like their cousins, the Canadian Goose (would they be considered cousins?!).  Every good Canadian knows that in the spring, although the eyes look gentle and happy, there is an evil lurking in the background, ready to attack, wings out, beak open, and honking that dreadful honk they have.  But for the moment that I took this picture, he allowed me to believe that all was well between us. 

I love frogs: it’s the fact that such a small creature can make such a loud noise.  I don’t know my frogs/toads very well, but I believe this is a bull frog, judging by the noises he was making, and that his throat expanded every time he made them.  I, unfortunately, did not get a shot of that action.

And here is some of the art I mentioned.  Obviously, you can’t tell much, but I was in love with the texture of the abstract statue.   I love texture, and had to take a picture, to help remind me of the feel of the cold metal and the roughness of the finish.