Vacation in the Dominican – Part 2

I mentioned in my last entry that I would write a bit more about our vacation in the Dominican.

We were able to take an excursion during our vacation into the Dominican, and I’m so happy that we chose the one we did.  We went on a jungle truck safari tour, which took us through the country side of the Dominican (gorgeous!).  The Dominican has only two economic classes – rich and poor.  We were able to visit a local family’s residence, to see how the average person lives.  We then toured a local school, a small farm that made and sold candy, and a village where Haitian refugees live (we only drove through this last one).

The great thing about this company is that 1/2 of their proceeds go to help build and maintain schools for the region they work out of. And they provide income to the families that we visited (the residence and the candy farm).  It is amazing how little they have, and yet are so happy.  It was a truly humbling experience, and everyone agreed that it was a wonderful way to remind us of what is truly important in life – friends, family, and good health.  And I have to say it was quite fun tossing candy at children and seeing just how happy it made them!


52 Pick Up – Week 16 Challenge: Growth

Hi everyone! Finally, I am able to sit up long enough to type!!!

Before I get into the challenge, I just wanted to give an update as to why I haven’t posted since before Easter. As I mentioned in my last entry, I have a bulging disc in my lower back. Turns out it’s between the C4 and C5 vertebrae, which means that the inflammed area is pressing on my sciatic nerve, as well as partially on my spinal cord. As such, I haven’t been able to bend to the front, back, or the right side. I also haven’t been able to sit, and I just started driving again last week, however, my car seat is in a very awkward position, with an obus form to help somewhat. I’ve been at my chiropractor on a regular basis, have had x-rays to determine how severe it is, and I have an MRI booked for May 15th, in order to determine how much permanent damage has happened as of this.

Needless to say, I’ve been in intense pain, and today was the first time I felt well enough to sit down at my computer and type up a blog entry. So here goes!

Sherene has posted her latest challenge, growth, and this is what she wrote for it:

“As always, please interpret this challenge as you desire. Signs of spring are an obvious choice in interpreting this challenge, but please feel free to let your imagination soar! As always have fun!”

So, here’s my entry for it. I have five separate images to enter for this week, which deal with an aspect of my life that has taken over right now. In Canada, if you are in the field of Occupational Health & Safety, you can receive your professional designation as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. In order to obtain it, you must have a certain level of education, work experience, and you must pass an exam (think of the bar exam for lawyers, and its a similar concept). I write my exam on May 14th, and therefore, have been using almost all my spare time studying for this. My dining room table has become a war zone of acadameia, but I am enjoying it somewhat. I remember why I am so glad to be done school, but a few weeks of hitting the books won’t kill me!

For me, this is growth. Taking my current level of knowledge on occupational health and safety, refreshing what I’ve already learnt, and expanding this knowledge even more. Each time I study, I walk away with a little more insight into the subject I’ve studied, and then use this in my daily job. Now, I’m not saying that I want to study forever, there are far more interesting ways to glean knowledge, but this will do for now!