Allen Gardens, Toronto

A few months back when it was still pretty darn cold out, and we needed a bit of a spring time pick me up, the hubby and I went to the Allen Gardens, in downtown Toronto.  It’s a great free activity to do, and you can spend a lot of time just wandering around, enjoying the flowers, ponds, and turtles.  Here are some of the photos that came out of the day.


Visiting a Car Grave

A couple weekends ago, I dragged a friend with me to an “auto yard” – I put that in quotes, as it really was more of a car graveyard than an auto wrecking yard.  Yes, they had the compactor on site, but most cars were parked what seemed to be haphazardly throughout the property, creating a maze of pathways to wander through.  The farther into the back of the property you went, the older the cars became, creating an eerily beautiful museum of cars – old and new.  It was an interesting evening, and I can’t wait to go back and visit once more.

This is a very small collection of what I had come across there.

Photo Shoot Test

Well hello, there.  It’s been a while – again! Okay, so let’s just go with the assumption that I’m not a regular blogger, and that when things get posted, they get posted.  Life is amazingly busy right now – but I’m loving it this way.  Can’t ever say I’m bored!

I was out with the hubby a couple weekends ago, checking out a potential site for a photo shoot – Mountsberg Conservation Area.  If you’ve never been, you should, very pretty. Hiking trails, a blind you can watch osprey build a nest from, barn animals… it’s got it all.  They have these goats and sheep there, very friendly, especially if you bride them with the sweet grass on the other side of the fence.  A bunch of (obviously) city boys were there, and one pointed to a lamb, and shouted, “Look, a little llama!”.  Wow, perhaps its time for a little more barnyard animal education…

I got a goat goofing around, and thought I’d share that photo – it just epitomizes what I surmise a goat is always thinking about us!