Longing for Ireland

A few years back, my husband and I traveled through Ireland for about 2 weeks.  We fell in love with it, and have been longing to go back ever since.  We have traveled to quite a few places together, but this is the trip we reminisce over the most often.  It’s not hard to see from this very small selection of photos I took on that trip why.  When they say it’s the Emerald Isle, they aren’t kidding.  I never saw such shades of green before; and yes, if your hair tends to be on the wavy side, don’t bother trying to tame it, the rain and moisture that makes this place gorgeous will wreak havoc on you!

But it’s worth it to see a country filled with more beautiful landscapes than you can imagine, friendly people everywhere you go, and great beer and awesome food.  And yes, those of you with an Irish background who are shocked when I say the food is great – it is.  mmmm Boxties… so good!


Spring in the new house cont’d…

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day – the first time in a while that we actually got into the double digits.  I’m thinking we may be good for the spring now, and continuously getting better and better when it comes to temperature!  We spent the day wandering around.  I was hoping to take some photos, but due to some inflamation of my ribs, I can’t walk well, let alone pick up a camera.  Hopefully that will change this evening, and maybe I can do some night shots by the lake…. but we’ll see. I also was supposed to do some outdoor maternity photos with one of my cousins, which I’ve postponed till next week.  I have some great ideas for that, so I hope the weather on Thursday is just as great at today’s!

Here are a couple more from the photos I took the other day out in my yard.  The previous owners left some junk at the back of the lot, and I enjoyed seeing where plants are able to grow out of.  Just some old brick and plastic bags, and here they are, popping out of the ground and right through them.  Hope your enjoying today as much as I am!


I live close to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and as such, I have many opportunities to play tourist.  One of my favourite go to places when I want to practice with the camera, is the Butterfly Conservatory.  It’s a neat place, where butterflies fly freely through the air, and from time to time even land on you.  These are just a few of the many, many, many photos that I have from there.


Of course, where there are butterflies, there are flowers, and lots of them!


So, if you’re ever in Niagara Falls, make sure you check the Conservatory out – especially in the dead of winter, great place to warm up from the chilly wind outside!