Nik at the Track

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the track, watching Nik race karts.  As it was Canada Day, there weren’t too many people, so the day was quick and very fun.  I managed to get a few shots, despite the fact that I forgot my standard card, and only had a 256 mb on me.  This meant I only had 39 shots I could take.  Actually, I really enjoyed this challenge, because it made me really stop and think about what I would like to shoot, at what angle, etc.  as opposed to just taking photos all over, and then sorting through a ton of them later on at home.  Here are some of the ones that I ended up coming out with.

Also, I found some old photos from last year at Easter, and loved this one I took of my grandmother.  I decided to change it to black and white, and I love the end result.  This is my Baka (Croatian for grandmother), my dad’s mom.  I’ve been very fortunate to have both my grandmothers around in my life, and couldn’t imagine being here without them. My baka is a hilarious woman, who really enjoys time spent with family around the dining room table talking, eating, and laughing; a lesson that I treasure every time I see my family.


MotoGP 2011

For Christmas of 2010, I got tickets for my husband, Nik, to the 2011 Indianapolis RedBull MotoGP.  In August of last year, we spent 5  days in Indianapolis, at the race and checking out all the city had to offer.  I must admit, although I originally wasn’t too thrilled that he wanted me to go with him (I figured he’d ask one of his motorcycle buddies to join him), I ended up having a great time.  Here are some shots from the trip:

Panorama of the track, with Ducati Island in the background.  This was taken on Qualifying Day, Saturday (yes, this was photoshopped together).

I can’t remember if this was on race day, or qualifying day, but I’m sure Nik can let me know that one:

We also had a chance to head out one afternoon to their City Zoo, which was really neat to be in a zoo, right downtown. While there, we had a chance to watch some very scared lemurs try to figure out how to get around a turtle that was standing right in their path. They finally realized all they had to do was… leap!