Another Night Out on the Town

Okay, so not really out on the town.  Unless out on the town means driving around the Hamilton/Halton/Niagara regions for a good portion of the night with a friend, trying to find the right spots to take night photos.  In my University days this was not a night on the town, but it’s good for me now!  As mentioned, I spent another evening driving around, taking photos, and just enjoying what may be one of the last beautiful nights here in Southern Ontario in a long time.  Fall is settling in (although you wouldn’t know by the scorching hot temps the last couple of days), and soon enough the four letter word will be back… dare I say it??? SNOW!  Aaahhh, I said it!!!

Get a grip, back to the here and now 🙂

I’m loving all the new toys I’ve gotten lately (guess I have some equipment updating to do!), and although some of it is pretty basic stuff (why didn’t I learn about a 50mm prime lens sooner?!) it has definitely helped me expand my skills.  I also had the chance to take some photos of my friend’s cat before we left for the evening, which I will share in an upcoming post.

I’m sharing below two of my favourite shots from the night – okay they’re the only ones I felt were even remotely okay to share.  I’m hoping soon to share some photos from sessions I’ll be doing soon – portfolio shots and family portraits.  Can’t wait!





A Quick One Today…

Just a quick post before I head out the door with the hubby this morning.  I got a new toy for my camera; an Variable ND Filter.  I went out on Friday night with a friend to do some shots, and got this one that I really like.  One thing I’m gonna have to figure out is how to stop there from being so much noise….