Latest Photo Shoot & Big News For Me!

Happy 2014!

Okay, so I know I’m about 14 days late on this one, but I’m here, and that’s what matters, right?!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and your swing back into all life has to offer isn’t too rough.

We had an interesting end to 2013 and beginning of 2014, which posed some challenges, but fun at the same time.  I did get the opportunity to do another very fun photo shoot, which I will share in a moment, but first my big news …….(insert drum roll here)…….. I’m almost set to launch my new company, Blue House Studio! (cheers and applause in the background of course)

I’ve been hard at work over the last year building up a portfolio of images to use for my new photography company, and in the process I’ve had lots of cool opportunities to do some fun work.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer on my name, logo, brand, etc.  In the next few weeks I’ll be unveiling all of that, but I just wanted to share this news, as I’m incredibly excited about this!  I’m loving the journey I’ve been on so far with my photography, and I can’t wait to see where this next part takes me.  So, stayed tuned to see a re-brand of this blog, a new website, and of course, the launch of all else that goes with starting a business.

Okay, now for the photo shoot.  As I said, I’ve had some great opportunities for fun and unique shooting sessions.  The latest one wasn’t so much a session, as an event I was invited to photograph.  A co-worker of mine is a trainer for a local hockey team – don’t ask what level they are at, I have no idea (I’m not good at all with sports leagues), but I believe they are Junior B (I’m sure if I’m wrong, I’ll get a comment to this correcting me – and thanks in advance if you do correct me).  The Brantford 99ers have only been a team for two seasons now, but man was it an entertaining game.  They move fast, and you can see they are in it for the love of the game.  I hate watching sports, and only will when it’s live, and seeing a group of individuals who are passionate about the game just makes it that much better.  And you can’t get a cheaper night of entertainment.  $10/person to get in, and concession for us both (pop and popcorn) was under $10 – if your looking for a fun night, I highly recommend it.

But I digress, on to the photos!  Here are only a smattering of the photos I took – I ended up with two cards worth!  This is a great arena to photograph in. Although there are some challenges with lighting, it’s a smaller arena, so not as problematic as a Copps Colliseum in Hamilton would pose.  And because of it’s set up, I was able to walk all around the rink, on two levels, and get a variety of angles.  This is the first sports photography I’ve done, and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Hope I get to shoot them again 🙂


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