Bird Kingdom

Every few years, Nik and I travel down the highway to Niagara Falls, and spend time at one of our favourite attractions, the Bird Kingdom.  It’s a neat place, where you get to wander around, looking at reptiles, insects, and you guessed it… birds!  We spent a few hours there today, and these are some of my favourite shots from the whole trip.  Sorry I didn’t get the names of the birds – was too busy enjoying them to learn about them 🙂



I live close to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and as such, I have many opportunities to play tourist.  One of my favourite go to places when I want to practice with the camera, is the Butterfly Conservatory.  It’s a neat place, where butterflies fly freely through the air, and from time to time even land on you.  These are just a few of the many, many, many photos that I have from there.


Of course, where there are butterflies, there are flowers, and lots of them!


So, if you’re ever in Niagara Falls, make sure you check the Conservatory out – especially in the dead of winter, great place to warm up from the chilly wind outside!