Going to the Zoo

I love the zoo.  Ok, I just love animals.  Period.  Except bugs.  Don’t like bugs.  But I love the zoo – I love to see all the different animals, and all the opportunities they offer to photograph them.  I was at the Toronto Zoo about five years ago, and the Indianapolis Zoo about 2 years ago – I think I’m due for another visit.  The attached photos are from the Indy Zoo, and I often wonder if I were to go there today, what I would do differently.  Would I choose a different angle to shoot, a different time of day or year, spend more time at one exhibit over another…. we have next week off for vacation; maybe we’ll take a visit to the Toronto Zoo, and see what I can come up with… and there may be baby animals there too!

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Few More Indy Photos

Here are a few more photos from our trip to MotoGP in 2011.

This is why you don’t visit a zoo in the middle of the day, on a hot sunny afternoon.  Positive side – you get great focused detail, because animals don’t move when their sleeping!

Some of the riders on qualifying day.  This was on the back stretch (I think that’s what you call it…)

On the Saturday night, there was a huge street party, where all the downtown streets were shut down, and lined with bikes.  They had street parties, and stunt biking, such as this one below.  You can see just how fast they go when doing the stunts, simply by the fact that I could not get a good focus on him!



MotoGP 2011

For Christmas of 2010, I got tickets for my husband, Nik, to the 2011 Indianapolis RedBull MotoGP.  In August of last year, we spent 5  days in Indianapolis, at the race and checking out all the city had to offer.  I must admit, although I originally wasn’t too thrilled that he wanted me to go with him (I figured he’d ask one of his motorcycle buddies to join him), I ended up having a great time.  Here are some shots from the trip:

Panorama of the track, with Ducati Island in the background.  This was taken on Qualifying Day, Saturday (yes, this was photoshopped together).

I can’t remember if this was on race day, or qualifying day, but I’m sure Nik can let me know that one:

We also had a chance to head out one afternoon to their City Zoo, which was really neat to be in a zoo, right downtown. While there, we had a chance to watch some very scared lemurs try to figure out how to get around a turtle that was standing right in their path. They finally realized all they had to do was… leap!