The Royal Botanical Gardens

My husband and I took my little sister to the RBG in Hamilton this week.  A great opportunity to take some close ups of flowers and insects.  We had a great afternoon, just wandering around, enjoying the quietness of the gardens, and the solitude of all the different areas of the park.  If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it!  We had our wedding photos done in one of the parks there, the Rock Gardens.  We were hoping to visit there, but ran out of time.  Which is sad, as they are shutting the Rock Gardens down until 2015 for a massive overhaul.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like afterwards.  Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos.

On a side note – I’ve been slowly building a portfolio, as I’m going to start doing some photography as a side business.  I love taking photos and recording life’s moments, and decided that I would love to do this for others as well.  If you are interested in a shoot, fill out the contact form on my About Me page, and I’d be very excited to discuss what we can do!


Found a New Favourite Spot

Nik and I went out last weekend, just driving around town.  I had decided at the beginning of the drive, that we would check out this park that we had stumbled across, that was very hard to access with my little car in the winter – apparently winter maintenance was not done on the parking lot or driveway of this particular location.  Now that the weather here is beautiful, I thought it was high time we check it out.  And I fell in love.  And I’ve only seen maybe 10% of it.

I don’t even know the name of it, just know how to get there from my place.  It seems to be an old quarry that they’ve allowed to naturalize, and there’s a great swampy area with a boardwalk that runs through it.  Blackbirds, Canadian Geese, frogs, water snakes, fish – all these creatures living in one area peacefully trying to simply survive.  And what a gorgeous spot to do that as well!  I’ll be going there numerous times, to see what I can photograph.  Here are a few photos from that day.  There’s also a photo tucked in from the waterfront park here in town, with Nik checking out those stationary binoculars you can pay to use.

You’ll see another post soon about my first photo shoot, and some of those photos are taken at my new favourite spot.  Well… I guess this is kinda my first photoshoot, since Nik seems to have been my model that night!

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Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens is this wonderful little park, right on Lake Ontario in Oakville, that also houses an art gallery.  Here are some photos I took there, way back in 2005.  This would be around the time that I first started getting into photography, so hopefully they are worthy shots!

Tulips are my favourite flower – so many different types and colours, you can always find something new to surprise you!

Swans are such graceful animals, and I find them so peaceful…. perhaps not like their cousins, the Canadian Goose (would they be considered cousins?!).  Every good Canadian knows that in the spring, although the eyes look gentle and happy, there is an evil lurking in the background, ready to attack, wings out, beak open, and honking that dreadful honk they have.  But for the moment that I took this picture, he allowed me to believe that all was well between us. 

I love frogs: it’s the fact that such a small creature can make such a loud noise.  I don’t know my frogs/toads very well, but I believe this is a bull frog, judging by the noises he was making, and that his throat expanded every time he made them.  I, unfortunately, did not get a shot of that action.

And here is some of the art I mentioned.  Obviously, you can’t tell much, but I was in love with the texture of the abstract statue.   I love texture, and had to take a picture, to help remind me of the feel of the cold metal and the roughness of the finish.