The Blue House – Introduction

This August, we moved into a new house.  We decided to move for several reasons, but the biggest one was commute.  Our old town was just starting to be a little too far from work, which left us little time in the evening to just enjoy life.  So, we now live much closer, have a much shorter commute, and get to spend that much more time with our animals and eachother – yay!

I’m starting up a new page, where I’m going to post updates to our house, sharing the progress we make through our remodelling of it.  You see, our house on the inside is blue.  I mean really blue – walls, carpet, linoleum (which is mainly white, with blue accents) – it’s all blue.  Well, not all.  The basement is white and hunter green – you gotta change it up a bit, right?!  The carpet and trim is hunter green, with white walls.  And the bathroom down there is an ode to bad 1980s decorating.  Remember that wonderful abstract flower printed wallpaper, that was texturized and somewhat glittered?  Oh yeah, baby, we got that… with hunter green trim of course.

So, soon enough the blue (and green) will start to disappear, and all that will be left is a great place that we’ve customized for us.  Can’t wait to get started!

The Before Moments – What’s a home makeover without seeing the lovely photos of what once was?


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