MotoGP 2011

For Christmas of 2010, I got tickets for my husband, Nik, to the 2011 Indianapolis RedBull MotoGP.  In August of last year, we spent 5  days in Indianapolis, at the race and checking out all the city had to offer.  I must admit, although I originally wasn’t too thrilled that he wanted me to go with him (I figured he’d ask one of his motorcycle buddies to join him), I ended up having a great time.  Here are some shots from the trip:

Panorama of the track, with Ducati Island in the background.  This was taken on Qualifying Day, Saturday (yes, this was photoshopped together).

I can’t remember if this was on race day, or qualifying day, but I’m sure Nik can let me know that one:

We also had a chance to head out one afternoon to their City Zoo, which was really neat to be in a zoo, right downtown. While there, we had a chance to watch some very scared lemurs try to figure out how to get around a turtle that was standing right in their path. They finally realized all they had to do was… leap!