Niagara On The Lake

A few months back, when it was still quite cold at night, but not so bad during the day, my husband and I went for a photography walk in NOTL.  It’s a gorgeous area, and one of my favourite to take a ride to for an afternoon.  We’re lucky that we live so close to such a beautiful town!

These are just a few of the photos that we took while on our latest visit. Like many touristy places, you can take a nice horse drawn carriage ride through the town.  Equine (horses, donkeys, etc.) are one of my favourite animals to photograph.  I find they are so expressionfull and incredibly curious creatures, and are always willing to pose for a shot or two!

We were there later in the afternoon, into evening, so as we walked around, the lights began to turn on, lighting everything with a romantic glow that made the still night that much nicer to walk around in – even though you did still need to wear some gloves!

A few blocks over from the main street, is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – cemetaries in Canada.  There are some absolutely peaceful and gorgeous areas in this cemetary, and the tombstones have their own unique stories of their owners to share.

This is also close to the lake, just a few more blocks down, and you have a great view of one of the forts on the USA side of the lake.  However, in this shot, I simply enjoyed the blues and pinks of the sunset, that helped to create a gorgeous shape out of the trees clinging to the shoreline.