My Equipment

As I’m using this as a photo blog, I figured I should write something about the equipment I’ve been using for taking my photos.  So, I’ll just list it all out here.  I’m newer to this whole world, so I’m still building up my gear, but I’m really enjoying using what I’ve purchased so far.  If there’s any suggestions for additions, I’m all ears!


I got a new camera – a Canon 60D.  We were at Henry’s a few months back, and they had a sale going on at the Outlet store, so I took the opportunity to grab this camera at a steal!  I was eyeing for a while, and with the deal I got, I couldn’t walk away.  So, for the last few months, I’ve been enjoying the speed and ease with which this camera works.  I’m so excited to have gotten this!


Canon Zoom Telephoto, 75 – 300mm, f/4-5.6.  This is a nice lens when we’re out and I see some animals I want to photograph; haven’t used this one very much though, so it sits mostly in the bag.

Canon Zoom 17-85mm, f/4-5.6; this one was purchased to replace the not so great kit lens (18-55mm) that Canon sells with its bodies.  Great lens for everyday shooting; I use this lens the most. Its versatility allows me to use it almost everywhere I need the camera.  It’s been my go to lens, until recently.

Canon Prime 50mm, f/1.8. This is my new favourite, go to lens.  I love, love, love it!!! I’ve been reading many people who have written about how great prime lenses are, and how great the Canon 50 mm is, but I just didn’t understand, till I bought it.  The thing that is most frustrating, yet the best feature at the same time, is that its prime.  It has really helped me to expand my skills, as it forces me to move, as opposed to the lens moving.  You really do look at things differently when you do the work!  I love this lens for my family Christmas parties – so easy for portraits, and everyone looks so flattering!


Canon Speedlite 430EX II; This is a great on camera flash; I didn’t think to purchase a flash, until one of the recent Henry’s Camera Shows, where we caught a seminar on flash, and how it can help.  I now can’t imagine going to a function without it.  I must say, though, very awkward when your at a family wedding, and you look like the second photographer – too bad I’m not getting paid to be there as well!

We just recently picked up a set of lights for the in-home studio I’m slowly putting together.  They are two constant lights, that I’ve used to light the snakes I posted photos of.  Between these, and the speedlight on the camera, I’m quickly learning new things about lighting in studio.  Still a long way to go on this, as I have just started learning about studio shooting and lighting.

That’s it so far!  As I get more, I’ll add it to the list!


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