Technology…. Its good and bad

Its good because I get to share my thoughts with the world, and give a little entertainment (hopefully!) If even for a minute.

Bad when you crash your computer in such a way that it requires a new power source, internet adaptor, graphics card, and a professional to rewrite the registry to make everything work again.

Thank god for cell phones and the government extending the tax deadline. Yes I’m a procrastinator and the software to do my taxes is, of course, on the crashed computer.

But, I have my trusty cell phone. Which I can use to share an absolutely adorable picture of our latest addition to the family. We are now proudly foster failures! We adopted one of the kittens, Glenn, from our latest foster family.  

I have tons of updates to share – house Reno’s, my365, business cards (yay!!!), so once the pro does her magic I can finally post more interesting stuff.

But for now, here’s Glenny!



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