Last Post of 2013!!!

With an little under an hour to go, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on my year. It’s one filled with highs and lows, the year starting off on a big low for me.

I started the year battling my depression, and this blog and my photography were essential with helping me through it. But from there it became more positive with many successes under my belt.

Two of the biggest ones were on a personal note: my decision to start a photography business (finishing up the details and ready to unveil soon!), and my hubby and I getting the opportunity to manage an 18 unit apartment building. Scary and exciting at the same time!

So I battled depression, almost died in a plane crash on the way to the Dominican (okay we didn’t almost die, but it was very serious with an emergency landing included), and my cell phone was stolen. But a very good friend had their first baby, I’m starting a company, we’re managing a building, and we had tons of great opportunities to spend with family and friends. A girl couldn’t ask for anything more!

And since this is a photography blog, I’ll end with a photo of our wonderful New Years Eve dinner I went out for with Nik. The foods gone, but you can tell my the empty plates it was good!



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