Ottawa in the Summer

I’ve done posts before on Ottawa, and I’m doing another.  My husband, my sister, and I took a trip there a few weeks ago.  It was a great trip – very relaxing, no set schedule.  We did what we wanted, when we wanted…. perfect! And along the way, I got some great shots.  I’ll share a few today, then more over the next week.  I love our Parliament building: it’s gorgeous, and has a very interesting story behind it.  Did you know that it burnt down, and they rebuilt it?  They moved the entire government into other buildings across the city during this reconstruction, which means beautiful old buildings scattered across the city.

My favourite part of the Parliament buildings is the Library – inside and out.  We didn’t do a tour this time, so I didn’t get a chance to peek into it.  Every time I do see it, though, I think about the stack after stack of books, the history in the room right in front of me.  I’m a very tactile person, and I would love to just wander the room, feeling the spines of the books, thinking about all the historical moments that they must have played a part in.  This time, I had to simply enjoy the exterior, which is absolutely stunning.  So much detail, and in the evening as the sun sets over the river, it just glows.  Beautiful!




The rest of the buildings on the grounds are just as detailed, if not more so, with gargoyles and statues all over the place.  Again lots of history and stories in those – this is one of the statues adorning the corner of one of the columns holding up the portico to the Centre building of the Parliament.  This is the main building, where the library is, the House of Commons sits, and the Senate is located.




Right beside the Parliamentary grounds are the Rideau locks, part of the Rideau Canal system.  You can walk around these, with great pathways that run alongside the Canal.  Lots of walkers, joggers, and cyclists in Ottawa!  The building to the right in this photo is the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, the hotel we were lucky enough to stay at this trip.  And no, we are not rich by any means, we just happened to find an amazing deal on the rates – when a room is the same price as the Ramada down the road, where would you rather stay?!  I hear that they just put this hotel on the market – anyone have a spare $125M or so laying around I can borrow to buy it?!








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