Happy Canada Day!

Okay, it’s only Canada Day for, like, another 15 minutes, but I’m still in before the deadline with my best wishes to all my Canadian friends!  We went down to the lake to watch the fireworks, and I was lucky enough to get a seat on a concrete block, right at the edge of the water, so I was able to set up my camera and try out some shots.  It is cold tonight – well, cold by summer standards.  20 celsius is nothing to balk at here in the Great White North, but throw in quite a gusty wind (perhaps close to 30km/hr is my guess), and sitting in one spot for about an hour, and yeah, its cold for the first of July.  But then the fireworks start up, and you forget all about the wind, and the spray of water its throwing in your face every few minutes, and you just enjoy the show.  Us and about 100,000 other proud Canadians braving the cold to enjoy 15 minutes of pure, unadulterated joy – I think everyone becomes a kid again for a brief moment when you watch fireworks.  And like the movie theatre, there is something magical about sitting with a group of strangers sharing a collective experience, and then moving forward with life.

I hope that you all had a great Canada Day as well, or a great Fourth of July in a few days to my neighbours to the South, or any other patriotic country day that is coming up soon.  Good night!

white firework edited

pink firework edited


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