The Blue House – Well, not so blue now…

Okay, its been a few months since I actually posted anything about us redoing our house.  Okay, its been a few months before we actually got down to doing anything about redoing our house.  But, I decided to have people over on my birthday, which always gets you moving, when there’s certain things you really want done.  Like painting.  I really, really, really, wanted to get rid of the blue walls, and we’re almost there.  Unfortunately, the large 20 foot high foyer I love takes a little more than just a roller with an extension rod to paint it, so we have to get to tackling that with a couple more people, and the right equipment (like a large ladder… or maybe scaffolding…ha, the cats would love that! Giant play gym for them!).

So, we did as much as we could aside from the foyer – powder room hall, powder room, living, dining, and kitchen.  The powder room got painted this gorgeous tealy-blue colour that I love, and we had in our old bedroom in the pink house (yes, we moved from one colour to another).  The rest got painted Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl – very nice gray toned neutral, that I am in love with.  We’re also going to be adding pops of colour in every room as we go, which you’ll see the beginning of in the photos.  It seems that red is showing up everywhere, so I guess I know what colour is going through the whole first floor.  Unfortunately, my photos of the powder room don’t do the colour justice, so I’ll have to retake those.  These photos are of the in the middle changes – not the after, but the during.





Lastly, a few detail shots, cause what’s life without the details, right?! I’ve got a thing for owls right now, and ceramic animals in general, so I threw a few photos of that in.  The first photo, though, is of a pillow I grabbed at Home Sense, which has all the great colours I’m hoping to have fun with throughout the house.







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