What’s his mood???

I was going through some older photos that I’ve taken around the house, and saw this neat one of Ritchie.  So, let’s now play the “what’s he thinking game?!”.  Cats are awesome, simply because they simply do as they please, and they have no problem sharing their feelings with you through their expressions.  So, looking at this photo, would you say he’s thinking:

1. “Get that camera out of my face before I smother you to death in your sleep”

2. “I can’t believe how moronic this woman is – yes, I’m sitting here, let it alone already!”

3. “At least you’re not making me wear that stupid court jester Halloween costume like you sometimes do.  Do you not realize how pathetic it makes you look, dressing up your pet like that?”


My vote is for number 1, simply because I think it would be fairly easy for Ritchie to smother one of us in our sleep – he’s a big cat!  What do you think?


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