Family Get Togethers

I love family get togethers.   Maybe it’s because when my family gets together, there’s usually about 40 – 50 of us in a room, laughing, joking, eating, drinking – just enjoying eachother’s company.  It’s great that a few times a year, I get a chance to spend time with grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and find out what’s new.  Recently it was one of my cousin’s 25th wedding anniversary, and I brought my camera along.  Did I mention that I think my family sees me as the ‘unofficial photographer’ of the family?  I’m always being asked if I brought my camera, and then directed around all night to take certain shots.  I’m fine with that, though, because it means I touch base with all my family, and don’t get stuck in one spot all night long.

Well, at this surprise 25th anniversary party, I was able to take quite a few photos, and I’m going to share some of the detail shots with you now.  I love detail shots – I don’t think you can grab the true feelings of the day, if you don’t get some of the details that went into making it a success.  Details are where people spend a lot time, infusing themselves and their loved ones into the event.  Love it!!!


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