Mexican Night in Mexico!

So, my trip in Mexico in photos continues now.  The great thing about resorts in Mexico, is they know how to entertain, and they do it every night.  So, on the Tuesday, it was… you guessed it, Mexico Night!  They had games in the lobby, a mariachi band, Mexican food, and traditional Mexican dances from all over the regions of the country.  All in all, not a bad night.

The Mariachi band played on the stairs going from the lower lobby/bar area, up to the main lobby, where the entrance to the buffet was.  They decorated the lobby with all the traditional Mexican colours, and had large games set up everywhere.

The main buffet area was quite elaborately done up, with table clots, streamers, banners, staff in ponchos and sombreros, and of course el burro for your photography enjoyment  They had one waiter who was making snow cone, from a giant block of ice – Bailey’s and Coconut Milk, can’t beat that flavour of snow cone!

After dinner, and continuing until the end of the theatre show, they had local artists come in to sell their goods.  I’ve seen artists similar to this in other Caribbean countries, where they paint using their fingers – very talented indeed!  My husband picked up this gorgeous chess set, made from fish bone and some type of stone or wood – wow, my memory is bad!  But intricately hand carved, depicting the battle between the Spanish Conquistadors, and the Mayans.  Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll have to get a photo to share.  The theatre performance was very entertaining, but the end of the night was a bit confusing, because dancers with giant heads came out and just danced on the sides of the stage – I’m sure this is a common part of their culture, but no explanation, so I have no idea why they were there.  But they were fun to watch!  This truly was a relaxing vacation, and we never left the resort, so we’ll be going back to Mexico one day, to check out all the sites in the country as well.   Until then, Buenos Dias!


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