Creatures in Mexico

While on our vacation in Mexico, we got the chance to come across quite a variety of animals.  I even had the opportunity to photograph some of them.  Here are some of them:

These cute little birds were all over the resort, but I’m not sure of their name.  Okay, I’m not sure of the names of any of the creatures that I got photos of, so forgive me for that!  If you know, please share 🙂

This green beetle was walking along the walkway between the resorts, and this photo doesn’t do it any justice on how lovely it was – it glittered in the reflection from the lights gorgeously.

Of course, there were iguanas EVERYWHERE – and if you look closely in the photo below you’ll see another animal that is quite common there as well, particularly on the beaches.  Have you found it yet??? Look harder… yes! It is the infamous homo sapien turistico (okay, so its a mixture of Latin and Spanish, I couldn’t find ‘tourist’ in Latin!).  My lovely nature photo was photobombed by a half naked tourist, but that just makes it more authentic… right?!

Those are just a few of the animals we came across – once I find a few more pictures, I’ll share those as well.


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