The Blue House – The Before Moments

You’ll notice a new page on my blog, about our Blue House.  We moved this summer, and I’m going to document what we do here – this will be a slow process, so you’ll have to bear with me!

So, before I can begin to document what we do with the house, I should probably post some photos on what it looks like now…Well, as I said, it’s blue.  I’m only posting photos right now of the living room and foyer, but soon enough you’ll see just how far the blue expands in this humble abode, and you will be surprised by just how many shades of blue you can find in one home!

This is what you see when you first walk into our house.  The first 3 feet or so is a regular height ceiling, of about 8 feet high.  It then opens onto the two story foyer – I missed the beautiful wood and glass fan/chandelier that is on the second story ceiling in this shot, I’ll put that up in another post.  As you can see, blue walls, carpet, some in the linoleum… but tons of room for improvement here!

Next is our living room.  Much smaller than in our old house, but I love the cozy feel to it.  The old room was too big to be cozy, but too small to make separate areas, so you couldn’t build a cozy spot.  As you can see in the second photo that has the living room looking onto the foyer, there are two different shades of blue on the walls.  But the carpet is the same shade throughout the house.. something must be cohesive to pull it all together, right?!  And looking more closely, it seems that the shade in the dining room (first photo), might actualy be very, very similiar to the front hall.  Interesting…

We’re in Mexico this week, so there won’t be any posting till I come back, and hopefully I’ll have some great shots from down there!  Hola amigos!


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