Finally back to it!

So, it’s been I think a month or so since my last post – holy cow does it take a long time to get a house in order!  Even though we had internet on day 2, I’ve been so busy unpacking boxes, and getting rooms in order that I haven’t had a single moment to get on here and post.  So, this is the first one in our new home – yay!  I’ll be posting some pics of our house soon – it’s the ‘blue house’ – I mean it.  Walls, floors, curtain, blinds, counters, all blue.  Can’t wait to get rid of some of the blue… actually all of the blue 🙂  Soon enough!

Until then, hope you enjoy these photos!

This is our first guest to visit, a little grasshopper, who made Ritchie climb our new curtains in the office.  Not impressed with that little trick of his!

The next is just a fun one, of Cleo sticking her tongue out for the camera!


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