More photos of the pets!

I managed to get a few more photos of my zoo here. Both cats, and Taz, one of the parrots. I love how all animals seem to know when they are due for a tasty treat – you can walk the same path through the house several times a day, however, when you have it in mind to offer them a morsel of something delicious, they seem to know, and can’t wait to get it. My cats are notorious for begging for the wet dinner. Cleo is not a very vocal cat, and only cries out when very enthralled with play, or when she really, really, wants her food. These two photos are of them, begging for their food. I, the horrible owner that I am, made them wait just a few seconds longer, so I could get these shots off.

Cleo begging for food:

Ritchie with his usual, ‘put that camera down and feed me!’ look:

The next one is of Taz. What you can’t see is the foot scratching the side of his head that faces away from the camera. What you do see his him fluffing his feathers up, content with the scratching job that he’s doing. Taz will do this quite often, when he is excited, anxious, or any other emotion that he just can’t contain. Caiques have this wonderful ability, as well, to fluff up only certain sections of their feathers on their faces (e.g., one cheek), or their whole head. I love burying my face in his feathers when he does this, so soft!


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