52 Pick Up Challenge – Anticipation

I first want to start with an apology for how long it has taken to post again. I threw out my back way last weekend, and ended up lying on the couch for almost the entire week because of it. I barely got to work this week, let alone do anything else! So, I’m making it just under the wire as far as this challenge is concerned, so here goes!

This week’s challenge is about anticipation – and we are free to be as creative as we wish. Sherene posted on her site the following information:

“As always, please interpret this challenge as you desire. There is nothing better than that feeling of anticipation! The fluttery heart for something we truly desire. Our challenge this week is to capture anticipation. Anticipation for an event, trip or just a special treat. This may be something you are patiently, or maybe not so patiently waiting for, or even the very emotion of anticipation. Remember my challenges are always about getting out there and taking photos and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!”

I was trying to figure out all week what to photograph, and I realized one night the best subject for me – food. My husband decided to cook a ham one night, and the smell that slowly wafted through the house was intoxicating, making my mouth water in anticipation. So, here’s my journey through the world of wonderful anticipation for a treat that you can taste before ever getting to try it.

While cooking, Nik kept pulling the ham out, in order to baste it with the juices running off. This just intesified the smell permeating all the rooms in my home:

Of course, you can never be sure whether the meat is done, unless you check the temp, which only adds to the anticipation when it is nowhere near the finishing point:

Once done, I then had to wait impatiently while Nik carved a piece off for us to try. The anticipation of the cooking now over, it became the anticipation of trying the meat, hoping that it tastes as good as it looked and smelt!

Of course, it tasted great, and Nik got to enjoy the fruits of his labour:

Anticipation, I find, is always so much better, when teased with the taste, sight, and smell of a promising meal well done.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting photos of Easter – getting ready, and enjoying the day with family.

Have a happy Easter!


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