Challenge of the Week – 50 Steps from Home or Work

Another blogger, Sherene, has a challenge she started for herself, that she has now opened to others to join in on. You can find out information in the section titled, “52 Pick Up” – this is a great challenge to pick up new skills, and I thought I would join in on this. So, every Saturday, I will be posting up my photos for the pictures of the week.

This week, the challenge is to take photos 50 steps from your home or work. I took the camera out late yesterday afternoon, and found some trees and bushes budding just at the edge of my house (I can’t believe how little you move away in 50 steps!). So, here are my photos of spring buds. I love the spring, because it brings so much promise with it, and I love to gather these peeks of what’s to come in photos.

This is a nine bark bush that I planted last spring. This is my first year seeing the buds come out, and they are such a fragile pink and dark green, such a contrast against eachother:

A little further along, there was a tree starting to bloom (no idea what kind), which when seen up close had this wonderful fuzzy look to the branch and budding leaves. It felt just as soft as it looked.

Hope you enjoy this peek into things to come!


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