About my boys

I haven’t written yet about my boys! They are 3 and 4 this year, and are wonderful little guys.  Playful, mischevious, stubborn, curious, rambunctious, smart, loud; I couldn’t imagine life without them.  Taz is the older of the two, Loki is the younger.  Weird names you say? Not if I tell you they are not my kids, but are my parrots – two Black Headed Caiques (pronounced ky-eeks). 

These two are quite a handful.  We had them long before the two cats came around, and we were worried about the cats going after the birds.  But it seems my first concern is Loki going after the cats, especially Cleo. 

But they are amazing to photograph! The colours and expressions on their faces make for some interesting photos.  I’m only posting two right now, and I’ll post more as I get my hands on some good ones.  They move so fast, its hard to photograph them!

This first one is Taz, who, like usual, is pigging out.  His favourite past time, aside from preening, is eating.  I don’t think I have very many photos without food in his beak!  But he is a photo hog, and will always strike a nice pose when you hold a camera up.

This one is Loki, just sitting, frozen as usual when I try to photograph him.  He either stands perfectly still (great!), or tries to grab the lens (not so great…). When he’s still and quiet like this, I love it – usually he’s busy destroying something in the house!

This last one is of the both of them together – they are always rolling around fighting and playing, and no matter how big their squabbles get, they end with a nice session of preening.  Love this photo!

I have a photo of them in our fridge, checking out all the food they’d like to get their little beaks on, but I can’t seem to find it right now.  As soon as I do, it’ll be up here!  And I found one of Cleo.  This is from when we first got her; she’s slightly bigger now, but being a calico, she apparently won’t get that much bigger, so she’s not that much larger now. 




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