Snakes… yes, I said snakes…

My husband breeds snakes – ball pythons to be exact.  I know there are many out there who will not ask me, “how do you let him do this?!”, and “Doesn’t this freak you out?!”.  The answer is, I’m fine with it.  Now, if he decides he wants to breed tarantulas, or beetles, or something else from the insect world, I will not be such a willing partner in that.  It just won’t happen.

The reason I’m writing about his ball pythons, is that I had the chance to take some photos of a few of them.  I had to work quickly, because as they warmed up under the lamps, they started to get quite curious and began to move around quite a bit.  Here are a few of my faves:

Ivy is Nik’s Lesser Platinum Female, his first snake, and one of my favourite:

Next is Eve, who is a Red Axanthic; she’s got some neat patterns on her. She’s a bit camera shy, and doesn’t like to be held as much as some of the others – that’s a bit of an understatement. She can get quite an attitude if you go into her home at the wrong time:

And lastly, is Candi, who is a Caramel Albino. Candi, as with many Caramels apparently, has a bit of a kink to her neck – every now and then she seems to tip over on herself; I think this makes her sweeter (yes, I just called a snake sweet). She’s much more curious than the other two, and was infatuated with the light meter on the camera:

There are many more snakes in his collection, but these are the three photos that I liked the most. I’m hoping to get photos of the rest going, so that Nik has a nice catalogue of them for himself. I’ll share as I get more!


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